about me


Hi, I’m Emma.

I’ve thought about making a blog for a few months now but only now have I decided to take the plunge and actually start writing. No more excuses.

I’m in my third year of university pursuing a degree in English and Political Science. I never really know what to say about myself beside the fact that I’ve lived in Vancouver, Canada my whole life, I have 3 cats whom I am somewhat obsessed with, and I have found 90+ four-leaf clovers in my life.

I also play competitive ultimate frisbee for my university in the American College Series, which means I travel to the US 5-6 times in the spring to compete in various tournaments. It’s a lot of fun, and the competition is incredible – much stronger than in Canada – but with our weak loonie, it has become a very expensive sport. I started playing at the beginning of high school and this upcoming season will be my eighth.

I also represented Canada at the 2015 U23 World Championships in London which was a pretty amazing experience, one I hope to replicate in two years.

I really don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I’m only 20 and I’m okay with not knowing right now. I do know that I want to write and that I want to help people.

Photo credit: Connor McCracken

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