crazy cat lady

I haven’t really decided what I will be posting on this blog, so I thought I would start this off with a post about my cats, because well, I have an obsession.

I’ve had cats for my entire life. When my mum moved to Vancouver from Toronto, she brought her two black cats, Withnail and Othello, and we had them until I was about 8. When the two of them passed away, we went a few (terrible, meaningless) years without pets.

We used to spend our summers on one of the Gulf Islands, and our Friday tradition was to visit the Farmers’ Market. It was there that I wandered past a little girl and her rusty cage of kittens. This cage was small, so the tiny kittens were basically piled on top of them. It was adorable.

Long story short, I brought my family over to these kittens, my mum and dad melted at the sight of them, and all of a sudden, we had three tiny furballs.

Midnight, Shadow, and Thunder

My cat, Midnight, unfortunately disappeared a few years ago. All that we could find was her leather collar with scratch marks in it. Needless to say, I was pretty devastated.

Three years ago, over Thanksgiving, my family was camping on Vancouver Island, and we decided to take a day trip back to that island to see if we could find another cat to join our family. And in fact, there was a box of kittens at the general store where we stopped for gas. Which is where I picked up this little monster:


He was so small but vicious. He wouldn’t stop biting us or scratching, and while it has improved with age, he hasn’t entirely stopped this particular habit. (Though now I like to think it’s out of love).



2015-02-17 14.13.38

These are only a few of my hundreds of photos…

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