garibaldi lake

Garibaldi Lake first came to my attention last summer, when a number of friends posted unbelievable photos of a turquoise lake with a glacier in the background.

Yesterday, I finally got to see this lake for myself. My friend Connor and I left super early and were at the base of the hike by 8:30 – it became extremely packed around noon, as we made our descent, so make sure you go as early as possible.

The hike is 18km round trip and roughly 1500m of elevation. It sounds intimidating, but the trail is primarily switchbacks so it isn’t as steep as other hikes.

Unfortunately, it was rather cloudy and windy when we reached the lake, so the turquoise colour wasn’t as pronounced, but it was still an overwhelmingly beautiful view.

about halfway through the 9km hike



A group of Australians hiked up with inflatable paddleboards and went out on the lake



*a number of these photos were taken by my dear friend Connor

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