the summer of shh

The Sneaky House Hippos made their mark on the Canadian Ultimate Championships, winning the Twitter game, the party, jerseys, and almost taking home the trophy as well. Pretty good for a team that didn’t practice.

This is the first team I’ve played on in years where “having fun” was a conscious and important team goal. We wanted to win, of course, but we didn’t want it to be at the expense of people’s enjoyment. That was our original philosophy and I think we stuck to it pretty well – for most of the summer anyways.

I played in every tournament that we attended – Solstice, Flowerbowl, Regionals, and Nationals – and I can confidently say that it was only at Nationals where we truly felt like a proper team. There just wasn’t consistent attendance at the other tournaments, so it felt like a slightly different team each time we stepped onto the field.

tournament party mimes

We felt like a team at Nationals. Sharing an Airbnb, complaining about the mosquitoes, and watching the Olympics 24/7 – all together it made for a good combination. Playing was fun too; we weren’t seriously challenged for the first two days, so everyone was playing equally and playing all roles. That, unfortunately but understandably, changed as we got further into the elimination games.

Our final game against Fusion was interesting. I think we were arguably the deeper team, but they were more cohesive as a unit. They had chemistry that we hadn’t been able to develop, because we simply didn’t practice together enough. We all knew it too: if everyone had attended more practices, we would have been able to create that chemistry, and I believe it would have led to success for us.

But we didn’t, and Fusion deservingly took home the trophy with a 15-11 win.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 12.45.43
photo courtesy of Lithic Images

For the most part, I had fun this summer. I got to play on a team of my friends, including people I hadn’t played with years and people I’ve played with every single year. In hindsight, I do wish that I had prioritized practices more. Oh well.

Is this the first year of the #shhdecade? I have no idea; we’ll just have to wait and see.

Screenshot 2016-08-21 12.45.12
photo courtesy of Lithic Images

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