exploring goldstream trestle

During reading week, I hopped over to Victoria for a few days to get out of the city and pretend I didn’t have a midterm and term paper due.

I was lucky enough to fly standby, which was not only absolutely beautiful, but it also cut the travel time down to 30 min – from 3+ hours.

blurry but beautiful – sunrise over coal harbour
above the strait of georgia

Goldstream Trestle

Goldstream Trestle has been on my adventure bucket list for months now, but this was my first opportunity to actually make the trek.

The hike itself was easy enough – once you actually find the “trail”.

You have to immediately detour from the main path, cross a stream over a tunnel, then scamper straight up a little ridge. The provincial park people must have recognized the popularity of the trestle as there are fences and protective ropes as you get further up – to prevent people falling into a waterfall.

Overall, the trip up took about 15 minutes; it’s really quick but pretty steep. You see the bridge looming above you about 2 minutes before you hit the train tracks, and it truly looks like a scene from a horror movie.

truly beautiful, truly terrifying

Then came the worst best part: actually walking across the bridge. It’s unbelievably high and I’m still surprised I managed to walk across it. Because – it’s hard to tell from these photos – there’s space between each of the wooden slats, enough space to see all the way down…

Overall, I think it took a year or two off my life, but it was beautiful once you got past how high it was.

10/10 do not recommend
an image out of a horror film

Had dinner with some family friends at the Marina Restaurant, and the presentation of my cheesecake was the best I’ve ever seen.



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