the end

Today marks the end of chemo.

halfway there

I've written this three times now. The first was right after we got the news, when emotion and adrenaline fuelled my writing, when grammar and syntax took backstage to the emotion and fear that guided my pen.

writing a thesis

As a graduation requirement for my degree (English Honours), I wrote an undergraduate thesis this semester. I put this off until the last possible semester, because I was terrified at the thought of writing something that was longer than anything I'd ever attempted. To my surprise, the experience was ... not bad. My minor is … Continue reading writing a thesis

hello again

Well, it's been a minute. The past year has been nonstop and crazy and, unfortunately, this blog necessarily had to take a back seat. I have thought about closing it down, because I didn't know when I'd be able to return to it, but I decided against that, and I'm glad I did. I started … Continue reading hello again